Garreco Print 3D Resins

Garreco Print 3D Resins

Our new line of 3D resins are perfect for printing a wide range of models like orthodontic, aligner, C&B and implant models, soft tissue, and casting parts using direct investment casting. Save money and time in your lab with Garreco Print.

“WaxCast 3D resin is great for 3D printing partial dentures”

Garreco’s WaxCast 3D resin is great for 3D printing partial dentures. I print 12-15 partials a day and it works perfectly in my Kulzer Cara Printers, which is a closed system, using the same settings as the Print Cast resin from Kulzer. WaxCast 3D is also at a better price point than the other resins I have tried. I highly recommend it!

– Neill C., Durham, NC
   Dental Laboratory Owner

Compatible with a range of 3D Printers

Garreco Print resins are compatible on a wide range of printers including the Asiga Max and 4K, Ackuretta Dentiq, Photon and Phrozen Series, open 385 – 420nm LCD /MSLA, plus DLP and SLA 3D-printers, and more.

Learn more about Garreco Print

Watch our introduction video below to learn more about our new Garreco Print 3D Resins.